I will ask for your full name, age and contact number (with the best time to reach you). If you cannot provide me with this information 
DO NOT attempt to schedule an appointment. I will not respond to emails that don't contain this basic information. All information you provide 
is confidential. Discretion on both ends is respected. Remember I am only trying to protect myself. 

I will need a reference from a well reviewed provider or an established agency. Please include their website and email address in your email. If you are new to the hobby and/or do not have a references understand I will require a thorough process of screening, so I can feel comfortable.

Because the verification process does take a little time, last minute appointments are not available.

I appreciate your understanding and cooperation..

Please Note: Though I encourage new clients to fill out the form below, you can either use the form or simply send me an email by the email address below.

[email protected]